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    Champion Zone Fitness Beach Clean up

    All ages welcomed for our first beach clean up. 

    The actual sign-in site will be at the picnic tables under the Australian pines just to the north of the restrooms, toward the northern end of the park. Look for the white with blue lettering banner Coastal Cleanup banner hung up there.

     Volunteers are participating at their own risk, and assume all liability
     Volunteers are responsible for their own actions
     We want volunteers to be safe and have an enjoyable volunteer experience and to do they
    need to use common sense.
     Be advised that there may be sharp objects including rocks, glass and sometimes
    hypodermic needles.
     Do not climb on or over rocky shorelines while carrying something in your hands
    (bucket, bag or pickers) Should you lose your balance you will need to hands to break
    your fall. If you have something in your hands, we don’t want you to break your fall on
    your head!!
     Always LOOK before picking up
     Do not touch a needle! If needles are found by volunteers, they may contact the host. If
    the host desires, a best practice is to carefully pick up the needle and put it INSIDE a
    water bottle and put the cap back on to prevent harm to anyone else and throw the bottle
     Do not put a loose needle/syringe inside a garbage bag where it could poke out and hurt
     Similarly, Do not put any kind of large sharp or rusty object inside a garbage bag where it
    could poke out and cut someone carrying that bag.
     Volunteers should be aware of branches in mangrove areas as those are the most common
    minor injuries—scrapes from wood branches.
     Volunteers should not touch anything that makes them uncomfortable. Focus on easy
    recognizable plastic. Leave natural debris, dead animals etc.

    September 18, 2021 at 9:00am
    Fort Lauderdale Beach
    700 Seabreeze Blvd
    Sign in picnic tables under the Australian Pines, just north to the restrooms.
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
    United States
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