North Bayshore Park Clean up V3PERFORM Community Service

V3P Fall challenge 2nd Community service event.

this Will be a park clean up.   

please bring the following 

 Reusable dish or working/garden gloves (approx. $2 per pair at Publix) We really like these that are only $.50-$1.00/pair at Home Depot and easily machine washable
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o 16/203423243
o 5558/205644545
 Garbage Bags and/or buckets (bags can blow in the wind and be difficult to manage) We oftentimes use buckets for collecting and then consolidate them into bags when full
 We love to use CLEAR garbage bags that show the trash in the photos!
 Buckets: Some volunteers find it convenient to use a bucket while doing a cleanup. You
can get buckets from many local restaurants. Try asking a Chinese restaurant, fast food burger place or Dunkin donuts as they get their soy sauce, pickles and dough delivered in 5-gallon buckets and are usually happy to give them away to volunteers 
 Water Cooler for water refills – reduce the need for single-use disposable plastic bottled water, where possible. 2-gallon water cooler is $10 at Target or Home Depot, and has enough water for 20-30 ppl to REFILL their own bottles
 Hand-sanitizer
 Basic First Aid Kit for cuts, scrapes (alcohol/cleaning swabs, Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment
 Luggage or fishing Weight Scale for weighing garbage bags. Otherwise you can estimate 10 lbs per bag, if 13-gallon kitchen size bag
 Download the Ocean Conservany’s CleanSwell app for more detailed data gathering to log, tally and measure the impact of your cleanup. With Clean Swell, the data you collect will upload to Ocean Conservancy’s global ocean trash database in real time. Participants can earn badges for their efforts as they remove more and more trash and then share their Cleanup results right from the app with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can also use a group ID to track your collective impact

Saturday, November 12, 2022
11:15 AM - 01:15 PM
North Bayshore Park
12220 N Bayshore Dr North Miami FL 33181
North Miami , FL 33181
United States
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Michael Michel
Michelle Chavez Claudia Soto Ximena Astralaga-Calle

Will you come?

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