Best Practices

Everyone has a role to play in solving our Marine Debris Problem, and that includes local, state, and federal governments.

VolunteerCleanup.Org has been heavily involved in our local governments - both elected officials and city staff. We would be happy to discuss the best practices and legislative changes we have made here in Miami Beach and other cities.

Questions cities should be asking themselves : 
- Do we have enough garbage / recycling cans with good lids to prevent littering?
- What is our anti-littering campaign? Can we do better?
- What is the cleaning schedule of our Storm Drains and pollution control mechanisms?
- Is that cleaning sufficient to prevent trash and debris from clogging up the system or causing trash to be released into the bay?
- What additional methods can we implement to ensure that trash doesn't enter into the storm drain system? (ie, Storm Drain Gratings)
- Do we have a Sustainability Committee with a strong voice that can make recommendations?
- Do we have a Sustainability Plan with metrics and reporting?
- Are there additional ways we can reduce single use plastics - which require disposal? Do we offer water bottle refill stations (not just water fountains) in public areas such as parks?
- Do we offer grants to local non-profits to help them implement programs that might be outside of our scope?

To learn many of the best practices we've learned here in our own city, please email [email protected]. Our help and guidance is free.!.