Cigarette Litter Reduction - Strategies and Tools

Cigarette Butts are the most littered item in the world, however many smokers don't realize that their butts are not biodegradable (they are made of cellulose plastic). Cigarette litter washed down the storm drains and straight out to waterways, as pollution controls in the storm drains are not very effective to capture them.

VolunteerCleanup.Org has embarked on a number of projects and discovered some great tools to help raise awareness by educating smokers while giving them a good place to put their butts. Read more about the different concepts below, and if you would like to implement any of these programs yourself, drop us an email [email protected]

         Pocket Ashtrays                                   Pole Mounted Ashcans                    Butt Ballot Box

Pocket Ashtrays               Pole Mounted Ashcan