Doebler presents Trash in Waterways research to Sustainability and Oceanfront Protection Committees

Dave Doebler presents his Trash in the Waterways research to the Oceanfront Protection Committee (Oct 7) and Sustainability Committee (Oct 15). Doebler has been doing weekly kayak cleanups in the same stretch of canal for 6 months quantifying and photo documenting the problem. Commissioner Jerry Libbin (Chair of the Sustainability Committee) applauds Doeblers efforts and did something for the first time he has wanted to do for the past 6 years - walk up to a citizen picking up a piece of litter and giving them a dollar bill, his business card, and a personal Thank You from his commissioner. He didn't have a $1 bill, so a $5 bill had to do...

See the full slide deck preso :

Commissioner Jerry Libbin recognizes Dave_5_bucks.jpg