Donate in honor of the Guara Family

Thank you for helping us honor Marc, Anaely, Lucia, and Emma who spent countless hours at the beach enjoying the environment and soaking up its beauty. Your tax-deductible donation today will be split between 2 organizations that continue to protect and restore our bay and oceans from plastics, excessive nutrients, and other pollutants. You will receive a tax-deductable donation receipt from the official 501c3, 'Miami-Dade Coastal Cleanup'.

VolunteerCleanup.Org engages volunteers to cleanup their neighborhoods, shorelines, and waterways as a way to raise awareness about marine debris and encourage people to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics. This free community resource, along with mentorship, material supplies and educational material, enables the various cleanup hosts to lead engaging and successful cleanups. This support has built a community of ocean advocates. To date, VolunteerCleanup has facilitated over 2,200 cleanups, with over 23,000 volunteers removing 450,000 pounds of debris from Miami shorelines and waterways. Our ultimate goal is to create a grassroots movement that supports good public policy, encourages individual behavior change, and drives sustainable business opportunities.

2022 Biscayne Bay Marine Health Summit - The Biscayne Bay Marine Health Coalition (BBMHC) is a group of volunteer activists and actionists working collaboratively with government agencies, academic institutions, businesses and nonprofits dedicated to advocating solutions for a healthy and resilient Biscayne Bay watershed. The BBMHC hosted its inaugural Summit in 2017 which started the entire Biscayne Bay recovery conversation. During the 2017 summit, working groups brainstormed solutions for identified problems, which led to a laundry list of 'Official Recommendations'. Many of these recommendations were adopted by the County - including the creation of a county 'Chief Bay Officer' position, the creation of an official Biscayne Bay Task Force, and the creation of a County Fertilizer ordinance. The BBMHC is planning the fourth summit in early 2022 to continue advocating for solutions to restore and protect Biscayne Bay.