NRP Segment - Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine Responds To Doeblers Ideas

NPR's "If I Were Mayor" project : NPR asked Doebler what he would do if he was in charge of his town. Now, after the elections, NPR is taking Doeblers ideas to the mayors. NPR spoke to Philip Levine, who was sworn in as the new mayor ofMiami Beach Monday, Nov. 25.

Q; Another area we heard a lot about was litter:

Levine: I’ve met Dave. He’s done some great work. One of the things I would propose is to begin having our hotels educate our tourists about the fact that we will not permit littering on beaches. And of course making it more of the hotels' responsibility for their guests, that if there’s litter on the beach with the hotel logo on it, they’re going to be responsible for that litter.

Q: So is that going to require a change in the laws so you could fine the hotels?

Levine: I’m not sure that punitive is the way to go. Remember their beach is our beach, that’s how they sell their rooms with a clean beautiful beach. But I think that encouraging them to educate their guests will make the beaches a lot cleaner. And we in turn need to be responsible to educate our residents that we cannot tolerate trash. Dave’s suggestion, a can on every corner, is a great suggestion.

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