If you would like us to come present, we'd love to come speak to your school / class. It is one of the most fun and rewarding components of our program. We have an engaging 1.5 hour presentation and conversation which is ideal for 4-11th grades. 

We focus on 4 main components : 

1) The problem of Marine Debris
2) What individuals can do about Marine Debris
3) Discussion on how they can make an impact much bigger than their own personal habits by being a CHANGE-MAKER 
4) Hands-on shoreline cleanup activity with citizen science to see first hand and do our part 

You can find the presentation we give to 5th graders here (embedded videos don't play in this slideshare) :

For more info, email [email protected]

Here are some pictures and letters from students that remind us why we do this. 

Dava_and_Dara_at_West_Lab_Elementary.jpg      West_Lab_Eco_Hero_Letters_2015_(1).jpg