See something, Say something

I did a little unplanned cleanup while on vacation at Blue Springs State Park in Florida the other day when I discovered polystyrene pieces littered where tons of birds hang out just to the left of the canoe rental launch. Come to figure out that the foam pieces came from uncovered foam buoys that the park uses. I'm pretty surprised that a state park - a sanctuary for manatees and other wildlife - would make such an egregious decision on material, but I emailed the park manager and the result is those units are now out of the water and new encapsulated buoys have been ordered. Lesson - If you see something, say something.

Styro_Booms_at_Blue_Spring_State_Park__(1).JPG   Styro_Booms_at_Blue_Spring_State_Park__(3).JPG     Styro_Booms_at_Blue_Spring_State_Park__(2).JPG