Want to be a Site Coordinator?

As a Site Coordinator, you are the lead contact and organizer for your coastal cleanup. This is a fantastic and rewarding leadership opportunity. Don't worry - we will help make it very easy for you. :)

You will also have the added flexibility of planning your cleanup to make it look and feel however you want, and even invite whomever you would like to participate.

  • Your cleanup can include a group of friends, family, colleagues or even the entire community. It’s up to you!
  • Your cleanup can be a couple of hours or an entire day. It’s up to you!
  • Your cleanup can include fun activities, contests, games, prizes, costumes, food. It’s up to you!

As a Site Coordinator, your main responsibilities are:

  • selecting location of the cleanup (we can also help you find a good location)
  • attending a video training session to learn best practices and safety measures
  • managing a team of cleanup participants
  • picking up the supplies we provide
  • arranging waste disposal
  • submitting completed data cards and returning signed Volunteer Release Form

Recorded Webinars for Site Coordinators:

     Webinar 1 "Intl Coastal Cleanup Site Captian Webinar 1 - Posting your site": http://youtu.be/wnmCuIO0_mw

Interested? Let us know below...