Students becoming Change Makers

Commissioner Ken Russell proclaims May 12, 2016 as "Henry West Lab 5th Grade Class Day" for their work in raising awareness of plastic trash in Biscayne Bay and taking action with shoreline cleanups. Story after the video.

It all started with an exceptional teacher who invited me to come in and give a presentation on Plastic Trash in our Oceans. Part of my presentation encourages them to think big by showing examples of kids being Change Makers. The message got across because they wrote letters to all candidates for the District 2 election in City of Miami. 5 of the 9 candidates came and we showed them one heck of a mess, and it made a serious impact. Once Ken Russell had won and gotten his bearings straight, the kids wrote another letter back and asked to present what they've learned in front of the entire commission. He not only invited the entire 5th grade class to come in to speak, but also awarded them their own day.

"These Studies and events sparked a sincere motivation on the part of the fifth-grade class of Henry West laboratory school to do something about the problem, confident that with adequate measures taken on land such as more trash cans along the shoreline, recycling bins, additional maintenance workers, street cleaners, and storm drain covers, much of the trash found in our very own Biscayne Bay can be prevented from every reaching the water. It is, therefore, fitting and appropriate that local officials, on behalf of the citizens of Miami, pause in our official deliberations to lauded and commend the fifth grade class of Henry West Laboratory School for their diligent application to study and their praiseworthy initiative in wishing to work together with our City Commission in order to help solve the problem of uncollected solid waste and pollution along our shoreline"