Survey Results demonstrate the value of cleanups

We know that we cannot clean our way out of this ocean plastic mess, but we've always believed that cleanups can provide an eye-opening experience that will put people on a path to being part of the solution. So the obvious question is, how do cleanups affect the participants?

In 2021 and 2022, we started sending a post-event survey to the 3,000 volunteers who participate in our annual International Coastal Cleanup event, and the data shows that cleanups have a powerful impact on awareness, education, and behavior

Some highlights:

  • 66% had an increase in knowledge about marine debris from attending a cleanup
  • 73% committed to using fewer single-use plastics
  • 96% want to do more to protect the environment
  • 81% committed to attending another cleanup. 
  • One of our favorite quotes is: “People can do some extraordinary things if they work together for a cause.”

Download the 2022 ICC Impact Survey Results